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Fun & Creativity


During Art time the children will have the opportunity to explore different materials to create an art piece, this also allows the children to master creativity and imagination.


During Music & Movement the children will identify with different instruments and the sounds each instrument makes. The children will experience the love for music. Hearing music will bring a great sense of movement as the children dance around to the rhythm of music.

Quiet Time

Children will have a time during the day to gather themselves and enjoy beautiful white noise sounds. This helps the mind relax and refresh their minds.  This is also nap time for our younger little ones. 


Children will engage in stories, writing, and telling stories. Children will develop new language.


Children have opportunities to explore numbers, patterns, and problem-solving skills.

Pretend Play

This allows the children to socialize with others and to feel what other children feel as they act out life experiences by dressing up in costumes or just pretending to work at a market.

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